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3D visualization is a powerful tool for communicating design ideas. By creating a realistic 3D model of a product or space, stakeholders can easily understand the final outcome. This process saves time and resources by identifying potential issues before construction or production begins.


Computer-generated images come to life with animation, which adds movement and emotion to a scene. By combining a series of static images and manipulating them slightly, animators create the illusion of motion. Animation is used in everything from films to video games to create engaging and immersive experiences for audiences.


A cinematically dramatic scene can be created by animating a still computer-generated image with a repeated movement element. This technique, known as motion graphics, combines design and animation to convey a message in a visually engaging way. Motion graphics are often used in promotional videos, commercials, and explainer animations to grab the audience's attention and deliver a message in a concise and memorable way.


Photogrammetry captures changes in an environment by taking a series of photos and creating a 3D model. Time-lapse photography involves taking photos at set intervals to show changes over time, used to capture weather patterns, construction, and natural phenomena. Both techniques are effective in capturing the passing of time through sequential photographs.


Virtual Reality (VR) is an immersive technology that creates a lifelike environment through user interaction. Using a headset and controllers, the audience can explore a 360° panoramic view of a scene from a specific point of view. VR is used in gaming, education, and training to simulate real-world scenarios, providing an interactive and engaging experience for the user.

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